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How To Get Addicted To Reading [Part 1]

Allie Bock, Community Copywriter

Aug 7, 2018

Welcome to the very first Community of Readers post here at Steam Powered Dreams! The Community of Readers posts are reader-focused content that will range from book reviews and recommendations to articles like this one by Allie Bock, who takes a look at reading from the point of view of someone who might not enjoy it so much. If you’d like to contribute to the Community of Readers, reach out to us at contact@steampowereddreams.com and let us know your idea!

~Jeremy Collier

Are you jealous of the person reading at the park? Do you wish you could join your friends in discussing how close the movie is to the book? Have you tried to read, but just can’t get the swing of it?

Or, maybe you are just looking for a new hobby.

Well, you are in luck! In this article, I’ll help you become addicted to reading.

Personally, I love to read. I love the adventures I can have while not leaving my sofa, learning new things, and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. Plus, reading will help you become a better writer by observing how other writers approach problems, scenes, and characters.

The best place to get started is by deciding on a genre you might like. There is a huge number of books out there and picking a genre will help narrow down your options.

Let’s start by asking some questions about TV shows and movies you like to watch. This will help you decide where to start!

Love documentaries, the history channel, or travel shows?

You might want to try a non-fiction. Many non-fiction books are written as a story so they aren’t boring to read, also known as creative non-fiction. You can pick a topic, time in history, or place that interests you and go from there. Plus, you will learn something new to impress your friends!

Another option could be historical fiction. You can find stories written in any time period, and most have a basis of a true story.

Enjoy snuggling in with a bowl of popcorn to watch the Hallmark channel or chick flicks?

I would recommend checking out romance or romantic comedy genres. These are usually feel-good stories with happy endings. Many historical fiction novels have a romance theme if you enjoy history. If you want to be more adventurous, you could try romantic suspense.

Are you a Star Wars fanatic, watch reruns of Star Trek, or love Back to The Future?

Definitely try Science Fiction! There are tons of different subgenres so you can find your specific taste of Science Fiction.

If Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Percy Jackson, or Games of Thrones are you go to…

Fantasy might be your genre. Just like science fiction, fantasy covers a wide range of subgenres. Everything from dragons and witches to elves, magic, vampires, and shape-shifters can be found here. Not to mention that all the above-mentioned movies were books first!

This covers the most popular genres. Another thing you may want to think about is what age would you want to read about. There is Middle grade where the main character is young, Young Adult is usually a coming of age story (think Twilight), and Adult is usually mid-20’s and older. Just remember, there is no wrong choice!

Stay tuned for the next installment where we discuss how to pick a good book!

Allie Bock

Allie Bock

Community Copywriter

Allie is a displaced Wisconsinite living in Missouri. In her free time, she is a voracious reader and writer, and she also beta reads for authors. She loves to read fantasy the most.

She posts book reviews and other content on her website, Girl With A Good Book And Her Dog.


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