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If you’ve been listening to this podcast for long you’ll know that I have a passion for helping others. Though this podcast, I want to give both practical advice and share the stories of others within the industry, and this week I get to do just that.

About a month and a half ago, I was lucky enough to get an interview with the amazing Daralyse Lyons. She talks about her life and what made her who she is today. Among that, you can see her passion for writing and helping others and the path she took.

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As always, below is a direct copy of the show notes. They were written before the episode was recorded and are unedited but are here for reference and SEO.

Topic: Interview With Daralyse Lyons

  • When I started this podcast one of the things that I wanted to show was the struggle, the perseverance, and ultimately success of the writer’s life.
  • Of course, what this means is different for each author, but no journey is any less important.
  • This week I have an interview for you with the multi-talented Daralyse Lyons, who shares her journey and how she was able to claw her way out of the hole that life had dug for her.
  • But before we do that, just a quick update this week on Steam Powered Dreams.
  • We recently finished the First Draft series of blog posts. This means that we now have a complete guide on how to write, edit, and publish a novel.
  • This has been in the works for the past 3 years and it’s both a relief and a bit sad to finally be at a point where I feel like it can help writers.
  • I released a new post this week that sums up what you can expect, but if you’d like the whole list just head over to steampowereddreams.com and then under Writers click on How To Write a Novel.
  • Alright, that’s enough for today. Let’s get into the amazing interview.
  • My guest this week is Daralyse Lyons or Dara for short. She’s an author, speaker, yogi, and actress. If that’s not a full load, I don’t know what is!
  • But, maybe more important than any of that alone, she has found her purpose in life in her love of stories and desire to help people find happiness.
  • Welcome to the show, Dara, it’s great to have you here.
  • Why don’t you tell us a bit more about yourself?
  • On your website, you use the term, Transformational storyteller. Can you talk a little bit about what that means, both in your work and to you personally?
  • Alright, let’s talk about growing up.
  • Where were you born and raised?
  • What was your family life like? Parents? Siblings?
  • Did you read a lot growing up? If so, what genres most interested you?
  • Favorite book?
  • Let’s fast forward.
  • Married, children? when?
  • Is your main source of income currently writing?
  • If so, when did that become a reality
  • if not, what is?
  • Let’s continue down this path for a bit. I always find it interested, especially when a writer started young, in what else they’ve done. Before becoming an author, speaker, yogi, and actress, what other jobs or hobbies did you have that weren’t related to writing?
  • Let’s talk about your writing. You have over 10 books published on Amazon with more on the way. When did you get interested in writing and what is it that pushed you to become an author?
  • Okay, getting back towards writing. I was looking around your blog a bit and noticed you shared a lot of personal stories. I think it’s great and I try to do the same. Do you think it’s important for authors, or really any professional, to share both their strengths and weaknesses out in the public?
  • Your speaking and coaching topics seem to be on opposite ends from most of your writing. Do you find that to be true or are they two separate parts of your life?
  • How would someone who has an online presence but never done any real speaking or coaching go about getting started?
  • Knowing what you know now if there was something you could tell your younger self, advice you would give, on writing, what would it be?
  • One final question, and it’s a question I plan on asking every guest. If you had a mascot or avatar that represented what you’re doing right now in life, what would it be?
  • Where can you be found online?
  • Anything you’d like to tell the listeners?
  • Thank you so much for coming on the show and spending this time with us.
  • It was such a pleasure talking with Dara and I hope to have her on the show again in the future.
  • We’re also looking for new people to interview, as well as feedback on the show or what you’d like to see. Just head over to the website at steampowereddreams.com/authorpreneurmindset and then click on Ask A Question.
  • Or join our facebook group at facebook.com/SPDwritershelpingwriters
  • You can find me:
    • On Facebook at facebook.com/jeremylcollier
    • on Twitter at SoulScribbler,
    • and finally on Instagram at authorpreneurmindset
  • Until next week, I am your host Jeremy and don’t forget to keep moving forward


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