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Deliverer – Fantasy Video Short

This is the first video for the Community of Story category here on SPD StoryStudio! We’ll be publishing new story content multiple times a month in the form of either video, audio, or written word! I chose this one specifically for the simplicity, but more on that below. If you’d like to get your story showcased here or have a recommendation, please feel free to reach out to us at contact@steampowereddreams.com!

~Jeremy Collier

Deliverer from Brotherhood Studios

Description (provided on YouTube): Airship slavers, a runaway, and a hooded stranger. As the three meet on the slopes of the border mountains, an unexpected hero holds evil at bay. 

Written by David Hoffman, directed by Brian Ulrich, and produced by Davy McCall, Skyler Christensen, and Contexture Media.

Posted On:March 18, 2019

Deliverer is a 7 1/2 minute short by Brotherhood Studios on YouTube that we ran across recently and really wanted to share with our community. It’s amazing how much quality we can see these days by independent studios, and sometimes even individual video producers who are just starting to build a name for themselves.

This simple, yet very detailed story brings to life the struggle of a man to keep his dark side under control, seemingly with the help of a magic crystal. During the main scene, he tries to defends a runaway slave and, after the crystal is stolen, turns into some sort of wraith with supernatural strength and agility. In our opinion, it has everything needed in a great fantasy story. Magic, airships, mystery, swordplay, and a beautiful landscape.

The film was shot in Southern California during the summer of 2014 and premiered at the FantasyCon Film Festival, Film Quest in June of 2015. The team behind it has gone on to create other feature films and shorts and have plans to bring this character, Wolf, back in the future. However, as of this posting, I haven’t found any information on anything new set in the World of Chaisson. They do seem to have a few things up on the website if you’re interested in watching more.

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