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Welcome to Second Draft, a series all about the process starting from the moment you finish your first draft to being ready to publish!  The goal is to teach new and old writers alike how to get from first draft to final draft within budget and without being taken advantage of.


In this series, we’ll take a look at self editing, finding the right editor within your budget, a look at alpha and beta readers, and more!


This is a 7 part series aimed towards first time writers, indie authors, and any writer who has questions about the post-first draft writing process!


Part 1: Should You Self Edit?

In part 1, we take a look at the first step any author should take, self editing.  Before anyone else gets their hands on your draft, you should give it a second (and possibly a third) read, fixing any
major problems you find.  This is an essential part of the process and one that NO writer should skip, whether you plan on going traditional or indie.


Part 2: Should I Hire A Professional Editor?

In part 2, we’ll answer the question that is on so many writers minds; is hiring a professional editor worth the cost?  We’ll talk about scenarios such as it being your first book, the difference between a professional and…not so professional, answer what if you plan on going traditional, what if writing is only a hobby, and more!


Part 3: What Are The Different Types Of Editing And Which One Is Right For Me?

Part 3 takes an in depth look at different types of editing and what each type has to offer.  This is a topic that many writers don’t think about until it comes time to hire someone, and many times they get taken advantage of.


Part 4: How Much Should I Pay For Editing?

After covering hiring a professional and what type of editing you need, we will look at current fair market prices for editors and help you find the price that works for you.  While this is an ever-changing number, we look at trends from the past few years and give you a range of prices for different types of editing that should remain pretty consistent.


Part 5: Where Can I Find An Editor?

Once you’ve decided to hire a professional, know what type of editor you need, and have a budget set, it’s time to search for the perfect editor, but where do you look?  In part 5, we will give you tips on what to look for in a professional editor (and what to avoid), as well as some resources on places to look.


Part 6: What Are Alpha/Beta Readers and Should I Have Them?

Much like self editing, alpha and beta readers are a very important part of the writing process, but very few new writers even know what they are!  In part 6, we take an in depth look at what value alpha and beta readers can provide and why you should hunt a few down.


Part 7: Where Can I Find Beta Readers?

In part 7, we finish off this series with a look at some common and not so common places you can find your next beta reader, as well as if you should pay for one or not.



The series will be rolled out once a week over the next few months.  After this initial post, each new part will come out on Wednesday of each  week.

Please feel free to leave comments with your questions or tell us what you think!  If you’d like to see specific blog posts in the future about other topics, please let us know!

You can also join us in our Facebook group, Writers Helping Writers where we do monthly Q&A’s, weekly questions, and more!

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