Hello and Welcome to Steam Powered Dreams!   This post is to mark a very special occasion that is over two years in the making; Steam Powered Dreams moves forward and, for the first time, opens up inquiry for publishing!  In short, this means that we are transitioning from an internal publisher for just Andrew and Jeremy into a true Publishing House!

The planning that has gone behind this was a major feat, but we know it is one that will be well worth it.  For now, there is not much to share in the way of how our company will be structured, but I do want to touch just a bit on the differences between Steam Powered Dreams and just about every other publisher out there, and the reason we call ourselves a New Age Publisher.

The first thing is that we are a Writer First company.  This means that our business model is centered around the core idea that writers usually get treated unfairly when it comes to publishing, and that just isn’t right.  After all, we founded this company as writers, and that will always continue.

Some of the differences I can touch on are offering different publishing “packages”.  Once you are selected to be published with Steam Powered Dreams, you will be presented with options ranging from the full experience (consultation, editing, cover design, formatting) to our base package (just publish the book) and everything in between.  Along with these packages comes a sliding royalty scale.  The less services you bundle in, the higher your royalty!

The sliding scale doesn’t stop there, though!  As your book sells more copies, the higher your royalty will become.  This is a unique feature of Steam Powered Dreams that no other publishing company out there offers!

Also, you will always receive detailed reports on your book sales with each royalty payment so you know exactly where your sales came from and how many books you actually sold!

I know this might all seem a bit confusing, and we’ll have much more detailed information on this as we move forward, but here is the important information.  Between now and October 1st, submit your inquiry to publish and receive priority publishing and discounted services*!

So head over to to our Submission page and fill out the form.  Your book could be published as early as December of this year!

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