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Genre: Steampunk/Sci-fi

Josef’s Ordeal

by: Andrew Couch


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Curated Reviews

“I really liked Andrew Couches first thing he published, Queen of the Cloud Pirates , so when I heard he had put something new out I jumped on it, and I wasn’t disappointed.

This story is way different than Queen was, set in a completely different world. Instead of airships powered by boulders, this is more modern with a 1940’s feel to it. As the cover shows, Josef is a pilot. He is fighting against what I got the feeling were intelligent creatures, like insects, that pilot their own flying machines. But he doesn’t care about that, all he cares about is ending his time served and getting home, even though he is the best pilot there is.

A few scenes made me laugh and one in particular made me tear up a bit. Overall a really good story! I can’t wait to read more from Couch, in either world he has created!”

Book Description

Being sent to fight Shadowcor at the void wall as a fighter pilot was Josef's duty. The frightening Shadowcor were the source of his nightmares and his salvation. Only a few more kills and he would be able to go home, away from this war and back to the only thing he really cared about, his wife and farm.

When what would hopefully be his last mission seems to be a suicide dive into nightmare itself, Josef has to choose to go along or risk being chained to a desk for the duration.

If the Shadowcor don't kill them, then his nightmares certainly will.

Josef's ordeal is a short story journey to the source of a man's nightmares and back with a fantastical steampunk backdrop.


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