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Genre: Steampunk/Fantasy

Queen of the Cloud Pirates

by: Andrew Couch


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Curated Reviews

“I’m always looking for the next science fiction or fantasy series to pick up (we all know that the best sci fi can’t possibly fit into one book, right?), and I’m glad I found this! Andrew’s writing paints a vivid picture of the unique and fantastical world he’s created, but not so much that you can’t use your imagination. The storyline is fluid (plot holes are the worst) and hooks you from the start. Looking forward to reading the next in the series!”
-Erin E.

“Enjoyed this. Not a huge fantasy fan but this was fun to read. Very interesting world and the writing was very good. I liked the characters and enjoyed the development. looking forward to the rest of the series.”
-Woody C.

Book Description

Being sent to fight Shadowcor at the void wall as a fighter pilot was Josef's duty. The frightening Shadowcor were the source of his nightmares and his salvation. Only a few more kills and he would be able to go home, away from this war and back to the only thing he really cared about, his wife and farm.

When what would hopefully be his last mission seems to be a suicide dive into nightmare itself, Josef has to choose to go along or risk being chained to a desk for the duration.

If the Shadowcor don't kill them, then his nightmares certainly will.

Josef's ordeal is a short story journey to the source of a man's nightmares and back with a fantastical steampunk backdrop.

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