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Genre: Steampunk/Fantasy

Burden: Episode 1


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Curated Reviews

“This is a must read for any sci-fi steampunk fan. From the first paragraph I was completely drawn into the story. The story telling makes it very easy to visualize the world around Terra and you will be drawn in. I can’t wait for the next episode in this series. Where does Terra go from here?”
“I found Burden: Episode One to be very engaging. I was very drawn into the story and the life of Terra and of her origin. It was very captivating and easy to visualize the environment in which the story takes place which is bleak but still left me wanting to personally experience it. The primary conflict has left me eagerly awaiting the next episode.”

Book Description

Forced to grow up on the streets of Fairlea, Terra has made a name for herself as a shadow in the night. Thanks to her fast reflexes and innate abilities, which she calls her "Common Sense," she is at the top of her game. But what happens when she is tasked to find a man who turns out to be more than she can handle?

Now she must find out the truth. Has her oldest friend betrayed her? Or is a much larger sinister plot going on that even she had missed?

Welcome to the amazing world of Sinesol, a planet with a husk of a sun hanging in the sky. Sundust, an element that fell upon the planet, has given people amazing abilities known as Channeling.

This is episode one of a three-episode short story collection that will be spread out between the three Revelation novels (Book 1 coming soon) and come to its exciting conclusion in Revelations Book 3.


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