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Genre: Steampunk/Fantasy

Talus Lost

by: Jeremy Collier


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Curated Reviews

“Very interesting story! I’m really looking forward to more with Talus and Sargon!”
-James F.

“This was one of those feel-good short stories that leave you wanting more. I’ve read all three stories in this author’s Sinesol Universe and this has been my favorite. Really looking forward to the long-awaited Sinesol: Revelations!”
-Sean C.

Book Description

Sargon and his tiny living creature Talus have been living on the street for a while now and think they have it all figured out. Sargon distracts the merchants while Talus sneaks around the back and steals what they need, only enough to survive of course. Everything was going well, until an older, much bigger kid sets his eyes on Talus and decides he wants him.

Will Sargon be able to out move, and outsmart, the older kids? Or is his friend lost forever?

Join Sargon and Talus in this fun story of how living on the streets in the poorest part of the Nosen district brought them even closer.

This story takes place in the post-apocalyptic-steampunk Sinesol Universe.


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