Sinesol: Burden is a story of a young girl named Terra with a special gift that she calls her Common Sense.  The story starts on a day just like any other, stalking her prey.   Her job was simple, capture and interrogate a mid-ranking government official without anyone else finding out, but things quickly change and her world is flipped upside down.  Everything she thought she knew was either a lie and the people she thought she could trust might just be the cause of all her newly adopted problems.

Episode One is set on the continent of Gallia in the city of Fairlea on the planet of Sinesol and follows Terra as she discovers that things are not always as they seem and is set simultaneously during the story of Sargon in Revelations (Book 1 coming December 2014).

There are currently 3 episodes planned.  Episode Two will be released Q2 2015 and take place in between Revelations Book 1 and 2 while Episode Three will be released between Revelations Book 2 and 3.

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