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The Last Story Creation Tool You’ll Ever Need

The first of its kind, all in one story creation tool for writers. All of your characters, settings, plot points, and more fully fleshed out within minutes using your own creativity.

Your Story Universes

Characters, settings, and your story pulse are all connected together within a story universe. These story universes can be viewed, edited, printed, or saved all in one place.

Character Developer

Have a character in your head you’d like to get to know? Just put your information into Story Pulse and produce a full description of that character and their journey! Hero, Villian, Mentor, or Secondary Character, it doesn’t matter, Story Pulse will help you create dynamic, real characters!

Pulse Generator

The power of a full outline with the pantser in mind! Quickly get your thoughts out and organize them in a variety of ways, from simple one-sentence points per scene to in-depth analysis of each book, section, chapter, and scene. The Pulse Generator makes planning, and writing, your story simple!


With just a few choices you’ll see the world that has been stuck in your head right in front of you, just as you envisioned it. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to plan out a single room, city, country, planet, or solar system, Story Pulse does it all.

Where Can I get Story Pulse?

We are currently working towards a crowdfunding campaign to make Story Pulse a reality. After all, without you there would be no Steam Powered Dreams!

Early adopters will get access to Story Pulse at a low rate, locked in for life, as well as the opportunity to pay once for lifetime access!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is Story Pulse?
Story Pulse is an upcoming Story Building tool aimed at fiction writers, comic book writers, scriptwriters, and anyone who need to create characters and settings. The first generation of the service will include the following:

  • Story Universe
  • Character Developer
  • Worldbuilder
  • Pulse Generator (What we call our story outlining)
How Does Story Pulse Work?
Story Pulse is a webapp that is both simple, yet elegant.

The Character Developer uses the concept of the Monomyth to create memorable and real characters. You select a few options, such as your characters name, race, role in the story, and basic traits, and we’ll return a fully fleshed out in-depth character. Your choices actually turn into full paragraphs.

The Worldbuilder is similar, using common tropes to create settings that are realistic for any type of setting. Need to create an elf village in the middle of a magical forest? Or a human castle run by a tyrant king? No problem! But, it doesn’t stop there. The plans for the Worldbuilder go far beyond common tropes and into concepts that are unique to each individual, even if you’re looking for an elvan space station orbiting the primary star of a distant galaxy.

How Is This Possible?
Thanks to our developer’s extensive knowledge of the Monomyth and fiction troupes, we are able to create plug-and-play characters and settings in ways that have never been seen before. In short, we use real-world knowledge of characters, settings, and plots to help you get to the story writing much faster.
How Much Will It Cost?
While it’s too early to discuss the price, we can say that early adopters (i.e. those who support our crowdfunding campaign when it goes live) will receive up to 80% off from the market price. They will also have the opportunity to get a lifetime membership, something that will only be available through the campaign.
Are There Future Plans To Expand Story Pulse?
Yes! We have big plans to incorporate more than just these basic modules into the program. Here is a breakdown of what we have planned as of right now:

  • Initial Release: Includes the Story Universe, Character Developer, Worldbuilder, (Beta) and Pulse Generator
  • Version 1.1-1.9: Refine and improve on our design based on user feedback, as well as continue to work on the Worldbuilder.
  • Version 2.0: Addition of a word processor to allow you to write your story right in the program.
  • Version 3.0: All in one publishing package, including a cover designer and formatter! You’ll be able to create, write, format, design, and export your book all in one place!
This All Sounds Great, But What Does It LOOK Like?
We are currently prototyping the program and the outputs. Once we are satisfied with what we have we’ll be adding examples of what you can expect.

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