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Hello and welcome to SPD StoryStudio! We started out as Steam Powered Dreams (that’s where SPD comes from!) as an internal publishing imprint created out of the minds of Andrew Couch and Jeremy Collier. We used it as a way to publish our own work, but the idea grew from there.

Today, our goal is to provide the best services we can for storytellers, both free and premium, as well as some awesome content for storylovers.

When it comes down to it, we are a company ran by storytellers for storytellers.

What Is a “Steam Powered Dream”?

Even though we have changed our name and focus, the name Steam Powered Dreams is still very close at heart. As mentioned, the company itself started out as a place for Jeremy and Andrew to post their own work revolving around the Fantasy/Sci-fi sub-genre Steampunk, but it has evolved to a place where Fantasy and Sci-fi collide and anything (or everything) in between can be found.  Much the way our dreams and imagination works when we create amazing stories, a steam powered engine can be used to power pretty much anything; cars, boats, airships, and much more.

While everyone who is a part of SPD StoryStudio has a soft place for Steampunk, it’s not limited to just a single genre or concept.

Simply put, a Steam Powered Dream is whatever your imagination can come up with.

Why SPD StoryStudio?

About a year ago we came to the realization that calling ourselves a publishing company didn’t do us justice. We had spread our services beyond just writers. We started working with small businesses to help with marketing and branding. We had expanded so far away from Steampunk that the root of the company name really didn’t make much sense.

However, the concept of a Steam Powered Dream, i.e. your imagination powered by a steam engine, has really stuck with us since the beginning, so we wanted to make sure this value was included.

As a story studio, we are storytellers who specialize in telling not only our own story, but the stories of others through digital marketing and publishing. 

What You’ll Get At SPD StoryStudio

Our mission has always been and will always be simple, provide a wide range of high-quality content for storytellers. Some of this might cost, but a lot of it is free. We have a passion for helping others tell their story.

Along with that, we offer a wide range of services that can help your business grow. No matter if you’re a solopreneur, freelancer, or CEO, we’re here to support storytellers across any industry.

Why Is SPD StoryStudio Called “New Age”?

The term “New Age” refers to our publishing services. While we are no longer strictly a publishing company, we are still very much involved in the industry. 

We offer two paths to getting published, one that resembles traditional publishing and the other that is closer to indie publishing.

However, we are “New Age” because we believe that an author should keep the majority of their own money, not the other way around. We are the only publisher with a sliding royalty rate that scales over time. This means that up to 95% of the profit goes back to the author.

Interested In Working At SPD StoryStudio?

While there are currently no paid positions available, we are always looking for copywriters who might be interested in building their portfolio and expanding their reach! This also comes with access to premium content and discounts on any services you might be interested in.

We are also always looking for high-quality freelancers to add to the team who have experience with any of the services we offer.

If you’re interested, use the Contact Us page to let us know.

In the future, we will be opening paid positions, not only for writers but for pretty much any skill that can be done over the internet.  These jobs will be offered to our interns first, but check back here often for new job openings!

Meet The Team

Jeremy Collier

Jeremy Collier

Founder and Lead Storyteller

Jeremy was born in Hayward, California at the age of 0 and has been writing just as long. Okay, that’s not quite true, but he has been telling stories for as long as he could talk, and writing them as soon as he learned his A, B, C’s.




Marie picked up a pen as a toddler and hasn’t stopped writing since. With a B.A. in English Literature and Language, Marie uses her experience to assist writers and readers wherever they are in their lives. Her favorite genre is fantasy fiction, which she both writes and reads. To see more of what she has written, go to www.marieelrich.com
Andrew Couch

Andrew Couch

Co-Founder and Author

Andrew is a North Carolina native living in Berlin, Germany. He’s been a fantasy book nut since childhood and hasn’t grown up much since. Anything fantastical will light his mind, though fantasy with machines is a favorite theme. Writing novellas and short stories helps him keep the plot bunnies at bay.


Social Media Specialist

Ardin is a social media specialist who has taken SPD StoryStudio’s Instagram beyond anything we could have imagined.




Andy Scott was created as a homunculus by a mad English Alchemist who was trying to make rum from ink and seawater. He is still a fan of both and he has no comment on what happened to all the ‘No Exit’ signs in Islington Underground Station when he visited for Beltaine.



Robin is SPD StoryStudio’s lead editor.

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