Hello and welcome to Steam Powered Dreams!  We’re a publishing imprint created out of the minds of Andrew Couch and Jeremy Collier.  We are two writers just starting out, trying to get our names out there and get our words out to readers!

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NOTE: The below information is outdated and most of which is no longer valid.  Please see About Steam Powered Dreams for up to date information on us.

What Is Steam Powered Dreams

So what does Steam Powered Dreams mean?  Well, while our main focus will be Steampunk, this is a place where Fantasy and Sci-fi collide and anything (or everything) in between can be found.  For example, the world of Sinesol which I am currently writing in is more Sci-fi while Crossing the Dropline is a bit more fantasy.  They both have technology that is powered by steam (or other steampunk themes), but you’ll see that they’re vastly different.

Throwing even another twist into the mix is Kahlima’s Secret, an upcoming fantasy series I am working on that is sprawled across multiple worlds, each with a different range of technology.  For example, one of the planets has a perpetual wind and airship travel is the only real way to get around.  Another planet is almost fully covered in water and submarines (or a form of them) are a must.


Right now our collaboration consists of helping each other out on our own personal projects, but we have a project code-named “Secret Project” (real original, huh?) that is in the early stages of development.  When I say early stages, I mean really early stages!  Work on this is slated to start later this year, once The Planet Without A Sun, Revelations Book 1 (both set in the Sinesol Universe), and Crossing the Dropline Episode 2 are released.

But I am looking forward to reaching that time because our strengths compliment each other.  What I mean by this is Andrew is the first person who I can talk story about for an hour and it seem like five minutes.  Already we’ve had great back-and-forth that has added to both of our worlds, and just thinking of bringing that into a tight collaboration makes me really excited to get started.

Everything Else

So that’s Steam Powered Dreams in a nutshell.  One thing I didn’t mention yet was the website itself.  It’s still in the very early stages of development and will probably change dramatically over the next few months.  Also, we’re not very big on weekly blogging, but we both love to help other people and keep our readers updated.  How we go about that is yet to be seen, but you can expect to see posts about the writing process, updates on both Andrew’s and my writing, and pretty much anything that’s on our mind at the time we sit down to write.
Thanks for taking the time to check us out!  Please look around the webpage and don’t forget to join our mailing list!

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