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What We Offer.

Whether you’re a business owner, author, or any type of storyteller, we have an extensive range of services for your business. Having a strong story backing your brand will help sell more products, services, and books than any other method (including paid advertising). Whether you’re looking to build something new, grow what you have, or need support, we have a specialist for you.


Copywriting & Copyediting.

  • SEO copy on any subject
  • Professional Editing

Technical (On-Page) SEO.

  • Free SEO site audit*
  • Title tag and page description recommendations
  • Complete SEO overhaul

Web Design & Website Management.

  • Website from scratch
  • Domains (new and existing)
  • Web hosting
  • Website maintenance & management
  • On-site content management

Services for Fiction Writers.

  • Fiction editing
  • eBook & print formatting
  • Self-publishing help
  • Professional publishing

We have a team of publishers, copywriters, editors, SEO specialists, designers, and more to fit your need.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Submit a request with as much detail as possible and we’ll contact you about how to move forward! Even if we don’t offer the service you’re looking for, we probably know someone trusted who does.

*Free site audit is a complimentary service. No purchase is necessary. We’ll review your homepage and one other page of your choice and give you detailed feedback on where you are winning and where you might need extra help. You’ll also get a list of your page’s metadata (limit 50 pages free), which is usually the first place to start refining your SEO!

How We Work.

User Experience + Storytelling = SUCCESS!

Whether you’re a small business owner, solopreneur, or author, the best way to make waves is by combining a great experience with a great story.

Our unique approach to marketing uses creative storytelling combined with user experience best practices to build your brand, increase traffic, and get those conversions.

Whether it’s coming up with unique page descriptions, dynamic websites, or talking about the latest tech, this philosophy of user experience + storytelling is in everything we do.

We believe that transparency and truth will always help give you, and the people you are talking to, the best experience.


What We Do.

We can help you in every step of your journey.

What Are You Building?

No matter if you’re just starting your business or planning a new campaign, SPD StoryStudio can help you reach your target audience.

We Can Help You Build By…

  • Planning and building a new website, whether you’re starting from scratch, have an idea, or looking to do a complete overhaul
  • Creating, writing, and polishing a new blog series, landing page, or marketing copy
  • Editing, formatting, and even getting your book cover ready for publication
  • And more!

Build Example:

All of our Build packages are modular. A few examples of how we can help you build are providing you with top-quality hosting, domain management, and WordPress installation. Or, if you want us to create, design, and execute your whole website for you, we can do that, too!

How Can We Help You Grow?

Whether its eyes on your website, readers enjoying your books, or more mailing list subscribers, growing your audience is the key to success. We focus on organic growth to help you keep momentum long-term.

We Can Help You Grow By…

  • Enhancing your on-page SEO strategy, including content on every page and blog post. SEO is THE best way to get more eyes on your site.
  • Creating optimized “before” and “after” content for your eBooks
  • Refining your website to give users the best experience possible
  • And more!

Grow Example:

You have a website, but most of your traffic comes from friends, family, or the occasional social media link. This is very common for individuals and young companies. Optimizing your on-page SEO and content will help you rank higher on Google searches and increase organic traffic while you sleep within just a few months.

Or maybe you’ve just published your first book and are unsure how to get started marketing it. Any self-published writer (and many who are published through publishing houses!) can relate, but the good news is the first book is always the hardest. We can help grow your mailing list and online presence until you find your 1000 true fans.

How Can We Support You?

Once you’ve begun to grow your organic traffic, it’s time to automate and refine. Let us help support you by taking on repetitive tasks so you don’t have to.

We Can Help Support You By…

  • Covering website maintenance, such as updates, bug fixes, and plugins
  • Taking over your content management by tracking analytics, posting on your schedule, and updating copy
  • Monitoring your book sales, updating your books, and converting eBooks into print
  • And more!

Support Example:

You do all your own copywriting, but don’t know WordPress very well. We can support you by making sure all of your content is posted on time and search engine optimized. We’ll even help you create templates to make posting optimized content easy!

Read our FAQ for more information.

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